Acting for Camera with Doug Rollins- 1st February

DATE/TIME: Saturday, 1st February, 2020 @ 10am (approx. 4 hours)
VENUE: London, TBA
Cost: £30

This practical workshop will unravel some of the basic errors that actors make when acting on camera.

We’ll cover:

  • frame discipline and film language, including the oft-ignored audio
  • understanding how this knowledge can transform your employability (and re-employability!)
  • the crucial importance of behaviour and subtext with short, class-developed mini scenes
  • give participants time on screen to put your learning into context.

There will be time allocated for playback and feedback and a brief Q and A. 


 From Doug:

The worst advice that I ever received at drama school was that if you can act for stage you can act for screen.

Nothing could be further from the truth, acting for screen a highly specialist skill that demands respect.

Screen acting and the perception of truth

Actors, especially those with very little experience on camera or with an emphasis on theatre in their training can seem hopelessly out of their depth when they embark on a shoot. Or even worse the casting for that shoot.

About Doug

Doug Rollins spent 23 years as an actor, most of that time working in Film, TV and commercials. He is now a director with multiple short film awards. He is tutor at The International School of Screen Acting, teaches at City Lit and drama schools, shoots show reel material between other, larger film projects. He has completed his first feature length screenplay ANTHIA this year, a Sci Fi thriller set in Wales.


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