An Introduction to Meisner with Thinking Actors’ Peter Carroll

DATE/TIME: Saturday, 2nd May from 10am-5pm (Full day workshop)
VENUE: London, TBA
COST: £67.50

*Please note, there is advanced prep for this workshop and bookings will close on 18th April!*

In this one-day introduction course, participants will gain practical experience and insight into key aspects of Sanford Meisner’s Technique. Acting Coach Peter Carroll, founder of Thinking Actors, trained in The Meisner Technique at The Acting Studio, New York City, with International specialist James Price.  

The Meisner Technique is a distinct approach towards personal preparation and performance creation. It’s about how we connect with fellow actors to create organic, believable and engaging choices. It’s about using who you are and acknowledging that the voice has meaning.

This course is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced actors and other creatives.


  • Introducing Repetition Exercises: purpose and understanding
  • Adding motivated ‘action’ through emotional struggle and response
  • Working with text: applying practical strategies to line learning and scene development
  • Application in Performance: being present in the moment and avoiding anticipation


Thinking Actors was founded in 2016 by Head of Studio and lead practitioner Peter Carroll. ​Peter’s a trained actor and qualified acting teacher with over twenty five years of experience as a professional drama practitioner and workshop facilitator. He’s a graduate of both Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan. He also trained with The Chicago Actors’ Workshop Theater (now known as Redtwist Theater) and with The Acting Studio, New York City, under the mentorship of international Meisner Specialist James Price.


“The Meisner workshops have been fantastic. Really pushed my technique further. Fun and very engaging…Would recommend to anyone who takes their acting seriously” RG

“…I loved it! I learnt so much…learnt to be ‘present’ and skills to learn lines. I feel so much more confident!” NA


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